Community characters

Ahangama is full of interesting characters, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.
Meet some of our favourite villagers.



A man for everything and our tuk tuk driver of choice (no bargaining needed), Sandun leaves every Pirate marveling with his Pirates of the Caribbean themed tuk tuk.



The fruit and veg King Pin of Ahangama town. With luscious locks and bling to boot. Making Seddy jealous since 2017 (after finding out his hair was NOT a toupee)

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Always in the neighbourhood helping people out, but only ever turns up when he wants to. Loves to get half a job done (unless Siri rings, which is when he drops it all and runs). You just can never get angry at that smile.


The A-Team

There wouldn’t be a Kip without them


Encounters with fascinating people

Our guests are everything, and some of them have stories worth telling.