Local, organic, and made with love.

The Kip Café
Tuesday - Sunday, 8am - 3pm


The Kip Café started out as a passion project of Seddy’s and is now an integral part of what we do. Our vibrant and diverse community offers a regularly changing menu that is based on seasonal, local ingredients and a slow approach to food - Food raised the way it was meant to be, and consumed in the area and season it was harvested.

Tucked away in our front garden, big palm trees and little nooks make the cafe perfect for winding down, meeting fellow travellers and listen to captivating story telling over delectable breakfast or afternoon tea.


MEET Anura

or: Mr Gardener.
Harvesting our garden food is his specialty,
and our back garden his playground.


The environment & sustainability are super important to us at The Kip, as is animal welfare. We are always looking for ways to reduce our footprint, care for and protect the environment and give back to the communities we are a part of. With the aim of easing the old farm back to life, we started growing our very own veggie patch and try and do what we can: from composting to the slow, sustainable approaches to our food served, putting the emphasis firmly on the food with a simple and honest philosophy. What we can’t grow or rear ourselves, we source from the local area.


Meet Shehan

or: Podi Malli. The ‘youngest brother’ of the Kip family.
Has come from not speaking a single word of English to fulfilling all our guests’ wishes.


The Kip Café
Open Tuesday - Sunday, 8AM - 3PM